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Aerie Midwifery provides full-scope, out-of-hospital midwifery care in the greater San Diego area. We offer a personable, competent, and commonsensical approach to your care before, during, and after your birth, as well as well-woman care throughout the lifespan.
You can expect clinical excellence meeting the highest, evidence-based standards, grounded in solid experience, and inclusive of the fully informed consent of women and their families.
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“The first thing we noticed about Karen Ruby Brown was that she took her time. She wanted to get to know us. Our initial appointment was relaxed, which made us feel comfortable and at ease. This mattered a great deal, as I had found my way to her after feeling rushed and put-off by the baby factory vibe of my OBGYN’s office. After just that one visit, I knew switching to Karen was the right decision.   

We have stayed with Karen through two pregnancies now. When we arrived at the UCSD birth center to deliver my second child, it was near the end of Karen’s shift, but she stayed on, sacrificing time with her own family to help grow ours. It wasn’t a short labor. But Karen stayed. And stayed. She never tried to rush things or push meds on me. She was patient. And creative. When things weren’t progressing, she was calm but confident. She kept suggesting different things to try, while making sure the baby was okay, until something worked. Her fortitude and belief in me was the inspiration I needed to endure. 

After the baby was born, she stayed even longer, and lovingly and skillfully attended to my body with the same focus and patience she gave the birth of my son.

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which a woman who wants a natural birth must often advocate for herself. Even in delivery, an immensely vulnerable state, she can feel isolated and ignored, but thankfully, with Karen as my midwife, I have never felt like this. She is a professional and reliable healthcare provider, but her experience and talent also help her know what a mom needs in other ways as well.

For example, she delivered troubling news about the health of my baby during my pregnancy—he has a cleft lip and palate—frankly but with compassion, in the best way I could imagine. She gave me lots of time, information, and support. She even connected me with another mom to talk with. Her positive demeanor helped us stay excited about the pregnancy even though we were worried about our baby’s health. Then, without prompting, she advocated for us to deliver our son with a midwife in the birth center, because she knew that was what we wanted, and she believed the birth could happen safely and naturally despite his diagnosis. Thinking about the kind and proactive way she handled this stressful situation still brings tears to my eyes.

I have always felt, from that first appointment almost four years ago, that Karen, a mom and a talented and passionate medical specialist, was on my team.  But I also felt in control of my births, which is what I wanted all along. I am grateful and impressed that she knows how balance those responsibilities so beautifully."

Kya and Tekoa

“I am so glad I chose Karen to be my midwife for my first pregnancy. She was extremely professional and knowledgable and I felt that she cared about me and my baby as individuals not just as patients.”

“Karen Ruby Brown is a midwife for midwives. She took care of my daughter during her first pregnancy and I second everything Kya says above. I have worked with many midwives during my career as a midwife; Karen stands out. She has superb skills and a deep knowledge of pregnancy, labor, and birth.”


“A huge thanks to Karen Ruby Brown. She ALWAYS takes the time to answer all of my questions. I never feel rushed and always feel cared for. I will miss being in her care. Thank you, Karen!"


"I especially wanted to write about the nurse midwife, Karen Ruby Brown, who attended my birth and kept my son safe when his heart rate declined while being born.  Karen was kind and funny and compassionate.  She was also stern and an amazing coach as my labor progressed.  She was incredibly competent and helped me birth my son during a moment that felt very scary for my husband and I when his heart rate started to drop.  We could not be more thankful for her or our birth experience.  I cannot express how much it means to us that she kept our son safe.  Enabling me to have the unmedicated, natural childbirth I hoped for was icing on the cake."


"I just watched the birth video from Dante's birth and I sat in awe of your bravery and beauty. Thanks so much for your love and support and taking the chance with me. I have been rolling around the idea of a third baby...going for the girl! Just kidding...going for the baby and this is a big maybe! But, after my experience with you I want YOU again! is there anyway you would come back? If I did have another?"



“Karen was absolutely wonderful to work with from the first prenatal visit through the birth of my little girl. The moment I met her at that first appointment with all of my questions and excitement to be a first time mom, she made me feel comfortable and secure with her knowledge and experience. I knew right away that she was exactly what I was looking for in a midwife. Karen is personable, kind and caring! During my labor she was interactive, encouraging and helpful in reminding me how to breath. (Believe me even if you take the classes during those intense moments you forget what you are supposed to be doing!!) I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a midwife. You can be confident in your decision with Karen that you will receive the absolute best care in San Diego!”